Wearable Art Eco- Friendly Linen Bags!


Trevena & Co’s textiles are uniquely designed from artistic watercolour paintings and ink drawings, so you won’t see these patterns anywhere else!


The Green Leaf Watercolour design was inspired from the East Coast Australian rainforest. The artist painted the two leaves from sketches she did on a walk through nature.


Our bag range was created with the aim to help eliminate the consumption of plastic bags and it’s attractive textile pattern suits all occasions.

The bag is deep enough to fit an A4 sized book and made from a blend of natural fibre.


Both Rayon and Linen are organic fabrics and because of their biodegradable properties they are a perfect eco-friendly solution.


These artistically designed muli-purpose bag range are ideal for the conscious consumer and are a perfect alternative to a leather handbag or plastic shopping bag.


Linen Eco Bag Green Leaf Watercolour Pattern