A story oF creativity

Treat your life like a work of art and body like a naked canvas ready for colour.

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I am Aimee, the founder of Trevena & Co and the self-taught designer behind the artisan products you see here.

My passion for creativity and active living stemmed from a young age through the practices of ballet and crafts.

In my late teens a chronic hip injury shattered my dancing dream and my love of movement was forced to pivot off the stage into a health and fitness career.

My determined mindset followed me into my newly chosen profession and it was not long before I was a managing corporate health clubs all over the world. 

My love for movement soon became a dollar sign and after 5 years of the rat race I had become a stressed, depleted and burnt out version of myself.

In my search for a more holistic way of living I found myself exploring the art of yoga in India.

It was there on the streets of Rishikesh that I came across a local street artist who taught me the foundations of mandala meditation.

This was the first time I had picked up a paint brush since high school and my childhood creativity was rekindled amongst the line and geometric shapes.

The serendipitous encounter had reawakened me to the importance of creativity and the dream of creating a balanced active and artistic lifestyle was birthed.

The seed was planted but it would be a few more exhausting years of the busy fitness industry until it’s growth would begin.

During a holiday in the Balinese island of Nusa Lembongan a success story from a girl I met in the surf inspired me to quit the city life and blend my passions for movement and creativity into a pair of leggings.

Indonesia tropical flora had become a big inspiration for my art, but the sights of polluted landscapes could not be ignored.  As I walked along the beaches of Bali picking up plastic bottles, I knew I did not want to create a business that contributed to the global plastic epidemic.

It became my mission to ethically source locally made natural fibre fabric and recycled plastic bottle polyester lycra.

Being an avid lycra consumer I felt it was important to make it effortless for customers to make an environmental impact just by being active.

Trevena & Co is my creative contribution to the world and proof that it is never too late to create a vibrant, balanced, active lifestyle .

I hope my story inspires other females to treat their life like a work of art and their body like a naked canvas ready for a splash of colour.