"Be creative, but first

be kind"

Aimee Trevena
Recycled Plastic Bottle Lycra

All of our products are made using recycled or natural materials to help consumers make affordable, eco-friendly choices that are better for the environment.

Our lycra is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.  The plastic is collected from the ocean, shredded, melted  and extruded into yarn. The yarn it is then woven into fabric.

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Unique Artistic 
watercolour Textile designs  

Self taught artist Aimee Trevena Fergusson combines her passion for creativity and sustainability into artistic eco-friendly products.

Trevena & Co's textile designs use original artwork of watercolour paint, and/or ink and pen sketches to create a digital repeat pattern.  

The artwork is completely unique so you won’t see our patterns anywhere else.

ethical Production

All our products are made under ethical working conditions and we are proud to only partner with local factories that have clean, happy and fair working environments.

Your purchase helps support local Balinese family-run businesses  and charities.

Ethical Fashion, ethical, sustainable brand. Watercolour Bird of Paradise Fabric

What people say...

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clare walker

I have loved the beautiful art work on my leggings, fell in love with them as soon as I saw them.

I have also found them very comfortable and have used them for yoga but also out bushwalking and they have been great for everything. Thank you so much to the creative artist I am so happy with these and will be returning for more

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Jade Weeler

I  purchased a canvas painting off the world from Aimee and are in love with the energy and vibe it brings to our home.

Aimee is one talented woman and puts her heart and soul into her work. All of her products are 100% ethically made and sourced, which is a huge passion of hers! 

Highly recommend!

Taryn Lovegrove

taryn Lovegrove

I absolutely looooove my Trevena tights! 

They are silky smooth, fit perfectly and the colours are amazingly vibrant.

I get comments on them all the time!

At Trevena we believe that we are part of something bigger and aim to contribute to the solution not the problem.

Sustainability and being environmentally conscious is not just about recycling, there are many other factors that help make a product more eco-friendly. Those factors include, energy efficient production, reducing chemical inputs, lowering carbon footprint, using biodegradable fabrics and creating multifunctional design.  It is our mission to minimise waste and maximise durability and functionality.

Our carefully designed garments are made with practicality and versatility in mind. Not only can you swim and train in them, but you can also wear them casually.

The garment production process is ethical and we seek to reuse, recycle or repurpose fabric ‘wastage’ that may occur. When importing fabrics or products we carefully chose carriers with lower carbon offset options and we use bio-based satchels that break down into biomass when composted to post the garments.  Sustainability and a greener future is always at the forefront of our minds, so even our swing tags and business cards are all printed on certified recycled card stock.


When you Buy Eco Friendly Sustainable Swimwear Online you help make fruitful choices for the future of our planet.